Author’s portfolio

Here is a list of some projects the author has contributed to in the past:

Framework for embedded dual core applications

Implement a development framework that permit Engineers to create software solutions for ARM+DSP embedded applications in less time. The framework helped Engineers to focus on their implementation without the worrying of complex arch-dependent code and variables, the framework provided interprocessor procedures so the development of dual core applications was more straight forward.

Medical device network implementation upgrade

In surgery rooms there is interconnected equipment that assists doctors on their daily tasks, the project consisted on porting a CAN Bus-based communication system to an auxiliary embedded core to address performance issues. One of the implementation goals was to connect multiple devices (up to 26) in a single network and handle continuous communication per-node (acknowledgements, indications, responses, ..) in strict time frames without compromising the network stability.

Correction and tuning for media products

Working with HD streams and embedded usually needs adjustments so everything keeps within the requirements. Often its needed to find performance bottlenecks, fix memory leaks, perform hardware acceleration and narrow down bogus implementations.

Stream manipulation & validation for law enforcement product

Video and audio recordings have a great value when they become part of evidence or any other law enforcement material, for this cases is not affordable to have missing frames or the chance of on purpose alterations. Tasks involved real time media segmentation, stream parsing and alignment, time stamping corrections, among others.

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