Late April announcement: i.MX7 SDK & Bash scripting guideline

Late April announcement: i.MX7 SDK & Bash scripting guideline

Haven’t posted in a while so I decided to make a few announcements. I have been working lately on the i.MX7 SDK, so far its capable of building and managing the necessary components in order to boot the Nitrogen board. The current SDK’s functionality is minimum, I am still adding and polishing some features so users can have a more complete development environment. The SDK first release will be available in May 2016.

The other announcement I have is about a Bash scripting guideline I am also working on. Lately I have been scripting a lot with Bash and have learned some tricks specially for writing larger programs. The guideline aims to cover syntax details and scripting practices to have more readable, maintainable and modular scripts. The guideline will be posted also during May 2016.

We’ll be having some good news soon, stay tuned.


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