Dufresne, software for all

Dufresne, software for all

Software (or some pieces of it) often is handled by different individuals, to give some examples we have developers, testers, integrators, managers, analysts, and the list keeps on. In competitive embedded markets is hard to keep track of all the functional and logistical components of the software.

Lets review a couple of cases that can occur in this industry. A new engineer gets in charge of the implementation because the other one was assigned to another project, does the new engineer has everything to work seamlessly and keep a decent delivery rate in comparison to the previous engineer in charge? The other case is a little bit more simple, some team outsources part of their embedded software project, does the team has the top level information to track and understand the progress of the outsourced work (features, bugs, releases, test results) so it can take decisions?

Yes and no, on this development environments always something happens, and this something makes it more difficult for organizations to accomplish their goals. Dufresne aims to cover some of this issues, Dufresne is intended to become a building block to help the people involved in the software development process in order to have a better collaborative work experience.

One of Dufresne flavors will be written in Python and currently it’s at development stage, still you can take a look on it at GitHub. Dufresne will be released under an open source license, just as other upcoming projects you will be able to get through Zeamware.


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